I really love working with nonprofits, because solid copy and eye-catching design are essential to getting their message out there. The National Network to End Domestic Violence has a great team and helping them with their Financial Literacy Month campaign was a real honor. This is an extension of a larger No More campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault, which has it’s own set of brand standards. I took No More’s vanishing point graphic and blew it up into a supergraphic to house conceptual imagery to accompany the various topics related to financial abuse.

Educating, not shaming, survivors (as well as the general public) about this serious issue was at the core of this project. That’s why each graphic in this series has a “No More” and “Know More” component related to the topic. Join NNEDV and the Allstate Foundation to say “No More!” to financial abuse and find out more about how to support this great organization at  nnedv.org.